What is a Gynecological Problem?
What are Gynecological Problems?

Gynecological (GYN) problems occur in all women. They're also some of the most common complications experienced by women living with HIV. GYN problems can be more serious and difficult to treat in women with weak immune systems.

GYN problems range from irregular periods to vaginal yeast infections that just won't go away. More serious complications can include cancers or painful warts on the vagina, labia (vaginal lips), and the anal area (around your butt-hole).

Many GYN problems lack obvious symptoms and can remain undetected. Left untreated, they can further weaken the immune system. Therefore, regular exams to detect problems are crucial, even when you are feeling well and even when you do not have symptoms. Detection and treatment are critical steps to prevent a GYN condition from getting out of control.

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