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What is Cold Obstruction Syndrome?
COLD (chronic obstructive lung disease): Any disorder that persistently obstructs bronchial airflow. COLD mainly involves two related diseases -- chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

Both bronchitis and emphysema cause chronic obstruction of air flowing through the airways of the lungs. The obstruction is generally permanent and progresses (becomes worse) over time. Learn More
Many healthcare professionals have found that Cold Obstruction Syndrome symptoms can be eliminated with sustained results. With their innovative treatment approaches, patients can experience symptom elimination in 2 weeks to 1 month for mild and moderate conditions.
The healthcare professionals listed here have published their case studies. You can contact them for help or contact us for doctors near you.
List of healthcare professionals who have published clinical studies and provide treatment for Cold Obstruction Syndrome:
United States
Patty Johnson, LAc Rancho Cucamonga, 91730
Successful Elimination of Cold Obstruction Syndrome