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Liver Cirrhosis Can Be Reversed!
Cirrhosis is scarring of the liver. Cirrhosis occurs in response to chronic damage to your liver. With mild cirrhosis, your liver can repair itself and continue to do its job. But with more advanced cirrhosis, more and more scar tissue forms in the liver, making it impossible to function adequately. A number of diseases and conditions can cause the chronic liver damage that leads to cirrhosis. Learn More
Many healthcare professionals have found that Cirrhosis condition can be reversed with sustained results. With their innovative treatment approaches, they have helped patients to improve their liver cirrhosis with 6 weeks to 3 months of treatment.
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List of healthcare professionals who have published clinical studies and provide treatment for Cirrhosis:
United States
Ray Repoush, LAc Wauconda,
Successful Liver Cirrhosis Improvement & Decrease in MELD Score
Gretchen Rivas, MT, LAc Wilmington, 28403
Acupuncture + Herbs Heals Stage 4 Cirrhosis of the Liver (Video Testimony)
Donna F. Smith, ND, PhD, CCN Wichita Falls, 76310
Successful Treatment for Hepatitis C
Jack Kucheran, DC Calgary, T1Y6X3
Successful Treatment of Liver Cirrhosis and Failure