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Tracy Fitz, LAc, MSTOM
Acupuncture Alternatives
531A 6th Ave,, Parlor Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11215 United States
Successful Smoking Cessation - 2 Cases
A female patient, age 55, suffered from symptoms due to smoking all her life (2 packs a day). She came in for treatment in 2010.

Dr. Fitz applied a combined treatment program composed of acupuncture, hypnosis as well as neurolinguistic programming with one session per week.

After one year of treatment the patient quit smoking. She is much happier now. Acupuncture helped her greatly.

A male patient, age 55, came in for treatment in July 2011. He suffered from symptoms of heavy smoking.

A combined treatment program was prescribed. It was composed of acupuncture, hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming therapy and lasted four sessions.

The result turned out as desired. The patient stopped smoking.
Bussiness Hours: by appointment
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: depending on treatment plan
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