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Larry Guyer, DC
Guyer Chiropractic
351 San Andreas Drive
Novato, CA 94945 United States
Successful Treatment of Rib Subluxation
A female patient in her late 40s suffered from severe rib problems caused by sublimation. Whenever the body was unfavorably positioned the rib would go out of place. Sharp pain was the result (6-9 out of 10). It deflected into the shoulder and neck as well as the upper back. A previous practitioner could not treat this condition. Therefore, the patient came for treatment in 2001.

Dr. Guyer applied a combined treatment program composed of ice (against the swelling of the rib joints) and heat (against muscle spasm in the back), rib adjustment, physical exercise (build up muscle strength) and ultrasound. The patient started with 2-3 treatment sessions per week and continued with preventative treatment when needed.

The outcome of the treatment has been accordingly ever since. The rib pain was eliminated after the first session. Related muscle soreness disappeared after 2-3 days. The results have been sustained for at least several months and longer. The patient needs to do maintenance when an unfavorable position of the body has moved the rib out of location.
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