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Anthony Badalamenti, BS, DC, CCOHP
Aurora Health and Wellness Medical Center
45 N. Chillicothe Rd.
Aurora, OH 44202 United States
Successful Treatment of Low Back Pain and Migraine Type Headaches caused by Digestive Track Mal-function
A female patient, 24 years old, suffered from low and mid-back pain at the beginning of 2010. It implied headaches. The analysis unveiled that the patient suffered from extreme digestive problems (could not eat a meal outside her home because of subsequent bowel movement within five minutes). The Cleveland clinic had treated her for about two years and continued to run test work but without any major results. They had prescribed a drug to lower the acidity of the stomach which had not led to significant improvement either.

Dr. Badalamenti applied a combined treatment program composed of chiropractic work and nutrients for a total of 8 weeks (to eliminate lower colon fungal infection). She was also treated to increase the acidity and bio levels. Nutritional consulting as well as applied kinesiology was used (including a stool softener).

The results have been very positive. Within four weeks of treatment the patient stopped having immediate bowel movements. She could increase food intake without any symptoms. Within eight weeks most symptoms had disappeared. As a preventative measure, the patient was put on a nutritional program to support the digestive track. 90% of all symptoms have been removed within two years of treatment. All major symptoms of headache are gone.

Bussiness Hours: Mo+We+Fri (7.30-6) 12-2; Tue+Sat (7.30-12)
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: depending on the treatment plan and insurance policy
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