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Valerie  Ozsu, MSN, CNM, NP, Nutrition Response Testing
Natural Health and Wellness Center, Inc.
524 Merchant Street, Suite A
Vacaville, CA 95688 United States
Successful Treatment of Chronic Arthritis in Left Knee
A male patient, 60 years old, had been diagnosed with chronic arthritis in his left knee when coming for treatment in 2011. He suffered from severe pain and mitigated the symptoms with four pain pills per day.

The practitioner applied a combined program composed of FASTT and WHITEE patches as well as a nutritional change. After two weeks of herbal treatment with the WHITEE patches the pain level had been reduced such that only one pain pill per 2-3 days was necessary. In addition, the practitioner employed enhanced well functioning of the organs through dietary optimization.

So far, the progress has been amazing (ongoing treatment). The patient has far less pain by now and feels a lot happier. He can walk further as well.

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