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Machelle Perkins, AP, DOM
NaturalMed Therapies
7600 Bryan Dairy Rd Ste #C
Largo, FL 33777 United States
Successful Treatment of Polycystic Fibrosis
A patient in his late 40s came for treatment in 2007. He suffered from shortness of breath (SOB) and pain. He also complained about chronic fatigue (tired all the time). Polycystic fibrosis had been diagnosed. The patient was on oxygen.

Dr. Perkins prescribed a combined treatment program composed of acupuncture, cold laser treatment as well as herbal remedies (Soup B and LC Balancer) for a total length of one month (10 treatments).

The results have been promising. The need to use the oxygen tank was reduced to the night time. The patient could work in the garden again and was able to move without restrictions such as S.O.B. during the day time.
Bussiness Hours: 9AM-7PM (Mo-Fri); Lunch Break: 12PM-1PM
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: $150 (initial 1.5h visit); $100 (follow-up); if 4 visits paid upfront then 5th visit for free
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