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James  Callahan, DC
Callahan Chiropractic, Inc.
42 A Friend St.
Amesbury, MA 01913 United States
Successful Treatment of Low Back Chronic Pain
A male patient, age 79, came for treatment in November 2010. He had been diagnosed with low back pain (depending on the day, the pain level was 6-8 out of 10). The pain was related to osteoarthritis.

A combined treatment program composed of herbal remedies (6 herbal patch) and chiropractic adjustments was applied for a total of three weeks.

The results have been very good. The patient reports only few discomforts left. He is very happy because it enabled him to get back to the daily routine of repairing machinery.

Bussiness Hours: Mo and Wed (8.30AM-12.30PM and 2.30PM-6PM); Tue off; Thu (12PM-6PM); Fri (12PM-5PM); Sat (8.30AM-1PM)
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: $30 per session (cash price); depending on insurance
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