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Josie Protopappas, Hypnotherapy
Fina Louise Protopappas, CCHT
916 367-5911
426 Folsom Rd., Ste. E
Roseville, CA 95747 United States
Treatment of Coughing and Gag Reflex
Client is 39 years old, female, came to me in June 2010 because she kept having dry heaves, gagging and coughing bouts. Her doctor did many tests and could not find anything wrong with her respiratory or her digestive system. She was taking anti-acids, for her stomach. She was healthy and her symptoms could not be explained.

After five sessions, she no longer has the gag reflex, uses no drugs, and is happy living a normal gag free life. Her doctor is also happy.
Bussiness Hours: M - F, 8 - 5
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: Session fee is $150.
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