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Josie Protopappas, Hypnotherapy
Fina Louise Protopappas, CCHT
916 367-5911
426 Folsom Rd., Ste. E
Roseville, CA 95747 United States
Treatment for Insomnia That Lasted Four Years
Client is female, age 79. She came to office in the beginning of August 2011. She had tried many ways to relieve her problem including taking sleeping pills, muscle relaxers, audio tapes for sleeping; prescription drugs.

She was diagnosed by her doctor with fibromyalgia. Her doctor also informed her that she was the worst case of insomnia he had ever encountered. Client also reported arthritis, chronic pain, headaches high cholesterol and anxiety. She did not sleep for more than a few hours per night. Could not fall asleep, and would toss and turn all night. Her complaint also included lack of energy, tiredness, irritability, no patience, and severe depression.

While taking many medications including sleeping pills, and other prescription drugs to relive her symptoms she reported she had this sleep problem for four years of her life. Her doctor had also referred her to counseling and well as other specialists to find what caused her sleepless nights, with no relief. She was referred to me, and within 3 weeks, she is now sleeping all the night through. She is happy, feels peaceful, and full of energy.

She has had four sessions, at 40 minutes each. Phone sessions also given. This client is extremely satisfied, as is her doctor.
Bussiness Hours: M - F, 8 - 5
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: Session fee is $150.
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