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John Ko, DC
350 Reservation Road
Marina, CA 93933 United States
Successful Resolution of Post Surgery Toe Pain
A 69-year old man came for treatment in 2011. He had gone through toe surgery about a year before and still suffered from severe side effects (e.g. he was still limping and could hardly wear socks and shoes because of the sensitivity). The DPM had recommended another surgery but the patient refused due to the bad experience in with the first surgery. The patient came with severe pain (8-9 out of 10).

Dr. Ko applied an exclusive treatment with herbal remedies. The patient came for one visit only.

The results turned out great. The patient enjoyed an almost immediate pain relief (down to 1-2 after the treatment). The sensitivity has been completely removed. Now he could wear shoes and socks again. He has not limped ever since. The patient was very happy with the instantaneous outcome.
Bussiness Hours: 9AM-6PM (Mo-Fri; Lunch: 1PM-2PM); Sat: by appt.
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: depending on treatment plan and insurance
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