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Ela Corcoran, Homeopathic Practitioner
Proactive Health
6200E Canyon Rim Rd., Ste. 212E
Anaheim Hills, CA 92807 United States
Fast Improvement of a COPD Patient
This is a letter from a COPD patient whom experienced fast and great improvement despite what her doctor had told her.

6 months ago I was diagnosed with COPD with 55-60% lung capacity. My doctor just said all the crying, stomping your feet will not change it so just accept it and basically patted me on the back and sent me home to die. I was devastated and was afraid to do anything. I stopped riding my bike, I was afraid to do anything that would cause any exertion. It consumed my thoughts with every breath and the fear of what to expect was almost more than I could deal with.

I was determined to do whatever I could at least to slow the deterioration down. So after about a month of research, I ran across a company called Wei. I read other people success stories with using LC Balancer, Soup A & Soup B, all natural products.

After reading more testimonials about the products and after more research on the company I reached out to a consultant to learn more and to be advised on how to use the products. I am so glad I found Ela Corcoran, who created a protocol of products and their usage for my condition.

After only 3 days on the products, my daughter and I had gone camping and we hiked 2 miles that day and I was amazed at how much better I felt.

I continued taking the products and would have good days and bad days. But by the starting of my 3rd week, I had to finally set my alarm to remind me to take the product or I would forget, my breathing had improved so much and I found myself not needing my inhaler every day. By the beginning of my 4th week, I feel I have improved 50% and am on my second month on the protocol. I am hoping by the end of the second month I will be able to stop taking the products or at least just have a one more month of maintenance.

I went to see my lung doctor when I had started on my third week and he was truly expecting me to have become worse. He was amazed at how much I had improved. He wanted to know what I was doing to be so much better and I just told him, exercise and positive attitude. And feared he might discourage me from using the products.

Anyone suffering from any type of lung disease I highly recommend giving these products a fair chance, they really work! I also want to thank Ela for all her support and guidance.
Bussiness Hours: M-F 10am - 5pm, Sat., by appointment
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: Depending on Treatment
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