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Stephen Lippmann, MS, LAc, Dipl. Ac.
AcuBalance Acupuncture, PLLC
111 N. Central Avenue Suite 403
Hartsdale, NY 10530 United States
Successful Treatment of Sprained Left Ankle of Lacrosse Athlete
A male patient, 16 years old, got injured during a lacrosse game in 2011. He had been diagnosed with a severely sprained left ankle. The ankle had been swollen and discolored. His pain level was 8 out of 10 when touching the ground. He was playing for a premier Lacrosse team.

Dr. Lippmann applied a combined treatment program composed of acupuncture and large herbal patches. The treatment cycle lasted for a total of 17 days (two treatment cycles with three patches each).

The results have been truly satisfying. The pain was completely eliminated. The patient is playing lacrosse again and is happy. The results have been sustained.
Bussiness Hours: Mo-Fri (8AM-6PM) and Sat (9AM-12PM); other hours by appointment only
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: depends on the treatment plan and insurance
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