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Robert Zeiger, LAC, OMD, PHARM.D.
3031 Telegragh Ave. #106
Berkeley, CA 94705 United States
Successful Treatment of Pulmonary Symptoms & Tendonitis
A female patient, age 32, came for treatment in September 2005. She had been identified with a variety of conditions such as asthma, shortness of breath (SOB) as well as chronic tendonitis in both of her arms. She suffered from substantial pain (6 out of 10) and had significant tightness in shoulders and arms. In addition, she had anemia (low iron in blood). Her tongue was pale and scalloped (enlarged teeth marks) with thin, dry white coding. Her pulse at the right hand (related to lung) was diagnosed weak and superficial. The middle pulse (related to spleen) was bolstering. The middle pulse at the left hand turned out to be deep and weak. Last but not least, she had pastoral hypotension and postnasal drip. The patient had been prescribed with a number of drugs against asthma medication.

Based on the variety of symptoms the diagnostic results included liver depression, qi stagnation, yang qi vacuity, blood vacuity, disharmony between liver, lung and spleen, lung and kidney as well as lung qi vacuity.

Dr. Zeiger applied a combined treatment program composed of acupuncture and herbal remedies. It started with one session per week for the first two weeks. Afterwards treatment was provided as needed (sometimes once a week or once every three weeks). The patient came for treatment during the 5-year period as a graduate student.

The results brought significant relief. She had become pain-free by the third week (tendonitis). The results have been sustained ever since. The patients nasal drip has been eliminated. She does not need to take medication most of the time (just occasionally as needed). The patient does not get sick frequently anymore. Her recovery time is normal. Her lung qi has been dramatically increased which improved the immune system significantly. She has been very happy with the results and successfully finished her Ph.D. She is now a professor in Washington.
Bussiness Hours: Mo+We+Fri (9AM-6PM): Tue + Thu (9AM-1PM)
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: initial consultation & treatment: $140, Subsequent acupuncture: $100, Herbal medicine: as case requires
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