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Jack Kucheran, DC
Northside Wellness Centre
#16 3434 34th Avenue NE
Calgary, AB T1Y6X3 Canada
Successful Resolution of Neck Pain and Asthma by Audrey, Patient of Jack Kucheran, DC, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (June 2016)
I have been with Dr. Kucheran for over twenty years now and that was the best move I ever made. The very first time I came to the clinic I put my neck out. I decided to come to this clinic since I had so much pain. I was given pain pills by my doctor and they did not work. Dr. Kucheran gave an adjustment and that worked much better than pain pills.

I also have asthma. After having asthma all winter, Dr. Kucheran told me about some herbal pills I could take for my asthma called EzAir from Wei Lab. He told me to try these herbal pills. I could breathe much better when I was only on them 3 days and most of the wheezing had gone. I just got better from there on. Now I have no problem with asthma and thanks to EzAir. I feel so much better, thanks many times over.

Now, with the care from Dr. Kucheran, I hardly have to go to my regular doctors anymore, and I saved a lot of money in prescriptions. I do not get side effects as well. Many thanks Dr. Kucheran for all your teaching.
Bussiness Hours: Mo: 7A-11A, 3P-7P; Tue: 7A-11A, 3P-6P; Wed: 12P-6:30P; Thu: 7A-9A, 3P-7P
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: depending on treatment plan
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