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Merle Friedman, AP, LAC, LD/N, PA
902 West Lumsden Rd., Suite 101
Brandon, FL 33511 United States
Successful Resolution of Severe Neck and Back Pain
A female patient in her mid thirties came for treatment in 2010. She had been in pain for around twelve years due to a car accident in 1998. The accident had caused a lot of damage to her neck which included the straightening of the natural C shaped curve as well as herniations in the cervical spine C5/C6 and C6/C7. It also created a lump between her shoulders at the base of the neck as well as radiating pain down both of her arms and legs and headache (pain level of 8 out of 10). As a consequence, the patient had to stay away from activities because of pain. She easily fatigued and increased her weight up to 228 lbs (5ft 3 tall patients). The MD had pointed out the need for surgery soon. Her life had very little quality at that point. Given the facts, the patient made an attempt to use alternative medicine to avoid surgery.

Dr. Friedman applied a combined treatment program of acupuncture, tuina massage and fire cupping together with homeopathic remedies for a total length of three weeks (one weekly session).

The patient could not believe the positive outcome. After only one treatment the pain had been completely removed. Her swelling diminished. After two days she still did not have any signs of numbness or tingling in her extremities. Her nutrition changed due to which she lost nearly 20 pounds. The patient is able to exercise now. The results have been sustained ever since.
Bussiness Hours: Mo-Fri: 8AM-6PM (Lunch Break: 12PM-1PM)
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: depending upon treatment plan and insurance policy
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