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Merle Friedman, AP, LAC, LD/N, PA
902 West Lumsden Rd., Suite 101
Brandon, FL 33511 United States
Treatment of Chronic and Painful Wrist Fracture
A male patient, 37 years old, came for treatment in June 2008. He suffered from a painful wrist on his right hand. The hand used to be swollen during the day. Based on an x-ray, a non detected bone fracture had been identified. The patient had consulted with two MDs. Both of them recommended very costly reconstruction surgery (involved fusing bones and 4-6 months of healing and rehabilitation) and the risk of restricted range of motion thereafter. After five weeks of pain, swelling, inflammation and the inability to use the right hand the patient made an appointment with Dr. Friedman.

The practitioner applied three sessions of acupuncture based on electric stimulation of the needles (inflamed areas) and including homeopathic injections in the acupoints (meridians). He also took some supplements to facilitate the process. In addition, the patient avoided weight lifting for three to four weeks to handle the situation with precaution.

The results were fantastic. After the first session, the hand almost immediately felt better. By the next morning, the pain and inflammation had subsided dramatically (80-90%). Two more treatments helped to stabilize the excellent results. Upon completing the program, the pain had been completely resolved. The patient has returned to his normal daily routine working in his business and exercising in the gym. He has been very thankful for the great outcome.
Bussiness Hours: Mo-Fri: 8AM-6PM (Lunch Break: 12PM-1PM)
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: depending upon treatment plan and insurance policy
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