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Linda Corlett, LAc
Health Associates
5382 Ridge Rd
Cleveland, OH 44129 United States
Successful Resolution of Inflammatory Arthritis
In June 2006, a 51 year old female patient was referred to me by her chiropractor to treat inflammatory arthritis in her hands. This patient had swelling and pain along her thumbs, and both of her hands were so swollen that she could not wear any jewelry. She also reported a burning sensation in the back of both hands, and her right hand was tender to slightest pressure. The patient also had an occupation that required her to do a lot of cooking and cleaning with chemicals, and in particular, she peeled a lot of shrimp. When the patient came to see Dr. Corlett, her symptoms were getting worse and she had just received a cortisone injection in her right wrist 3 days ago. Chiropractic adjustments and pain medication provided no relief.

Dr. Corlett discovered that this patient had a shrimp allergy that caused her arthritis condition, and treated her with acupuncture and photolytic enzymes for 5 weeks. After the 4th session, the patients hands were noticeably less swollen, the burning sensation had disappeared, and she had a 65% improvement in her overall symptoms. In addition, the patient could finally see the veins in her hands, and the pain in her hands no longer woke her up at night. After the 5th treatment session, the patient experienced another 20% improvement in her symptoms and her hands were only slightly swollen. After 5 weeks of treatment, the patients swelling and pain had completely disappeared. In addition, the patients rheumatologist thought that the acupuncture treatments were very helpful in resolving her arthritis condition. This patient was very pleased with the results of Dr. Corletts treatment.
Bussiness Hours: Monday-Sunday By Appointment Only
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: $75/session, cash or check only, Phone Consultations: $60/half an hour
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