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Julie Schifferli, DC
Prescott Valley Chiropractic
(928) 775-0522
3088 N. Robert Road
PRESCOTT VALLEY, AZ 86314 United States
Successful Chronic Back Pain Treatment
Female patient in her 30s was diagnosed by Army doctors as having Degenerative Disc Disease with two bulging discs in her lower back. The doctors prescribed steroid injections and physical therapy in order to mask her pain. The patient stated that she had migraines from the back pain.

Dr. Julie applied specific chiropractic adjustments for five days, then 3 times per week over a six month period. The Patient is still receiving adjustments three times a week as needed. She is no longer on muscle relaxants and pain medications and the migraines are gone.

She did not want to think about getting older with the pain she was in. She could not even pick up her toddler daughter without pain. The patient stated that past chiropractors did not teach her about how to care for her body like Dr. Julie does with a whole body approach. The patient feels like she has her life back and she has a bright future.
Bussiness Hours: 8-11 2-6, T TH 2-6 Sat 9-11
Phone Consulting: No
Fees Schedule: by arrangement
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