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Ginger Sullivan, LAc
Oriental Medicine and Pain Management
20 Maiden Lane
Penn Yan, NY 14527 United States
Successful Treatment of Elbow Pain
A 38 year old female presented to the clinic with a chief complaint of right sided elbow pain for one year. The patient reports getting a diagnosis of tennis elbow by her MD and was prescribed cortisone injections, physical therapy, an elbow brace and rest. The patient had nerve conduction testing with results showing no abnormalities. The patient reported the pain is worse at night and keeps her up. The pain was described as a constant ache that becomes more intense with use. Sometimes there is a sharp stabbing pain on the lateral aspect by the joint. The patient also reports pain radiating down the arm along the SI channel to the wrist. The patient was treated that day with acupuncture and massage and told to come back in a week. The patient returned, reported no change in her condition. A second treatment was performed with acupuncture and massage. The patient was sent home with a liniment to rub on the elbow during the day. The patient returned a week later and reported little improvement. A third acupuncture treatment was performed with a different point combination. The patient was sent home and told to call if she saw even a little bit of improvement. If she did not notice any relief, then it probably was not worth pursuing any further. The patient called a couple of days later and reported she was not having any problems with her elbow. The patient comes in for maintenance treatments whenever she feels a slight ache forming in an effort to keep it at bay.
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Phone Consulting: No
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