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Sheila LaPlante, TCM practitioner/LAC
1800 South Highway BB
East Prairie, MO 63845 United States
Successful Treatment of Sciatic Pain
A male patient of 52 years had been suffering from neck and shoulder pain as a result of his sciatica located on the 3rd through 5th lumbar nerves. The patient had previously seen a chiropractor, but had no lasting effect. Dr. LaPlante began treating the patient on 10/13/11. The treatment consisted of 4 sessions of acupuncture, 6 herbal patches, and 1 herbal remedy formula. By 11/8/11, the patient reported to have improved a great deal. The pain was almost gone, even when kayaking. The patient was so pleased; he wanted to know if he could do a second round of treatment to ensure the condition had disappeared entirely.
Bussiness Hours: By Appointment
Phone Consulting: No
Fees Schedule: $60/treatment session plus herbs
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