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Sheila LaPlante, TCM practitioner/LAC
1800 South Highway BB
East Prairie, MO 63845 United States
Treatment of Shortness of Breath and Appetite Loss
In August 2011, a 71 year old female patient came in for treatment of post-stroke health complications. This patient suffered a stroke after getting an angiogram. From the results of the angiogram, the patients heart surgeon recommended 2 bypass surgeries to treat her condition. Since the patient did not want to get surgery, she came in the see Dr. LaPlante for alternative treatments. After getting a stroke, this patient lost her appetite and constantly vomited the foods she ate. She was also previously diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and shortness of breath. As a result, the patient experienced occasional blackouts which caused her to fall down and injure herself. In addition, the patients loss of appetite and vomiting caused her to lose 90 pounds so that she eventually stopped taking her diabetic medications because her blood sugar returned to normal levels. Her primary physician and heart surgeon did not provide any treatments to this patient since they believed that nothing can be done for her health issues.

Dr. LaPlante gave this patient some herbal formulas to treat her appetite loss and shortness of breath. As soon as the patient started to take the herbs, she immediately noticed an improvement in her shortness of breath. During the first week of treatment, this patient consumed the herbal formulas without any food. As the patients appetite improved, the nausea decreased, Dr. LaPlante advised the patient to start consuming food with the herbal remedies. In the beginning, this patient reported that the food she ate tasted strange to her. However, after a few weeks of treatment, the patient had more energy, she was able to consume food without vomiting, and the food she ate began to taste normal again. After one month of treatment, this patients shortness of breath had completely disappeared and she was able to gradually increase the amount of food she ate. After two months of treatment, this patient began to eat different varieties of foods and she is very pleased with the results of her treatment.
Bussiness Hours: By Appointment
Phone Consulting: No
Fees Schedule: $60/treatment session plus herbs
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