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Sheila LaPlante, TCM practitioner/LAC
1800 South Highway BB
East Prairie, MO 63845 United States
Successful Treatment for Heavy Metal Toxicity
We began treatment three months ago with 3 Wei Laboratories herbal formulas, Brown, LC Balancer and Xcel, after the patient received a reading from blood tests of a high arsenic level in the blood of 74. Three months later, after these three formulas were given, the patients blood tests revealed that the arsenic levels had been reduced to 11. Although I cannot find that there is any normal low of toxicity for arsenic, at least it has been reduced. The patient feels better and some of her symptoms of muscle fatigue and blood vessel problems have subsided.
Bussiness Hours: By Appointment
Phone Consulting: No
Fees Schedule: $60/treatment session plus herbs
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