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Clemency Knox, LAc
Full Circle Healing Arts
645 Ridgely Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21401 United States
Successful Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain
A male patient, 28 years old, had worked as an emergency room nurse for several years. As a result, he suffered from chronic low back pain when coming for treatment in 2009 (years of lifting patients had been identified as a main reason). The patient reported a severe pain level which at times interrupted his sleep (pain radiating from mid line down both legs). Interestingly enough, the MRI did not show any indicators. The MD had prescribed an anti-inflammatory which did not help. Physical and heat therapy did not produce results either.

First, Dr. Knox applied four acupuncture treatments for a total of 4 weeks (once a week). It relieved the pain in the legs. However, the patients back continued to hurt. As a result, another MRI was taken. It discovered a crack in the patients disc between L4 and L5.

Given the new diagnosis, an herbal patch treatment was selected for a total length of 2 weeks. It completely cured the patient. The back pain was completely eliminated (once in a while a little achy). The results have been sustained ever since. The patient is very happy and has no constraints to his life and job.
Bussiness Hours: Tue + Wed + Thu: 10AM to 6PM, Mo + Fri: by appointment
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: $175 (first visit including treatment), $85 (follow-up treatment)
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