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Tamara Clarke, LAc
Flourish Acupuncture & Healing Arts
973 Enota Ave.
Gainesville, GA 30501 United States
Successful Resolution of Dramatic Elbow Fracture
A female patient, 59 years of age, had been diagnosed with a severe elbow fracture in 2007 (due to a bad fall she had completely crushed the bone). She had gone through two surgeries afterwards. It had not brought her the necessary relief. She suffered from severe post-surgery symptoms such as constant pain nagging and throbbing from her neck down to the fingertips (5 out of 10). The patient had also been identified with a very limited range of motion and dramatic decrease in strength due to the nerve pain. As a consequence, she came to visit Dr. Clarke in September 2010.

The practitioner applied a combined natural healing program composed of acupuncture, massage therapy (tuina), herbal remedies and a very effective heat therapy. The patient has enjoyed a total of 18 treatments so far (treatment is still in progress). She started with one visit a week for the first five weeks and gradually transitioned to once every six weeks now.

The results have been great so far. The patient achieved a far greater range of motion. The pain level has been almost eliminated (occasional flare ups, no pain during weather changes). The trend is positive (she is still getting better). The results have been sustained ever since.
Bussiness Hours: Mo: 10AM-7PM (lunch: 12PM-1PM), Tue: 10AM-5PM (lunch: 1PM-2PM), Wed: 2PM-8PM, Thu: 10AM-5PM (1PM-2PM), Fri: 9AM-3PM (no lunch break)
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: depending on the treatment plan
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