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Dean Bull, DC
1616 W Grandview Blvd
Erie, PA 16509 United States
Successful Treatment of a Rib Fracture
In spring of 2010, my receptionist told me that her 97 year old mother-in-law suffered an injury that resulted in a painful rib fracture. The patients physicians told her there were no available treatments for her condition and sent her home to recover on her own. However, the fracture caused so much pain that the patient had significant mobility problems. She could not sit up or change positions in bed without experiencing severe pain. Even over-the counter medications did not provide enough relief. Since this patient was located in a different state, I sent her 3 large herbal patches to treat the rib fracture injury, which was enough for a one week treatment. As soon as the patient put on the first herbal patch, she experienced a steady reduction of her pain symptoms. After one week of treatment, the patients acute symptoms went from a sharp, stabbing pain to a dull ache. After two weeks, my receptionist told me her mother-in-laws pain completely disappeared, and the rib fracture had already healed on its own. The patient was quite pleased with the accelerated recovery of her injury.
Bussiness Hours: MTuWF 9-5
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: $45 per visit or phone consultation
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