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Steve Tashiro, DC
Colorado Life Changing Care
12051 West Alameda Parkway, Ste D4
Lakewood, CO 80228 United States
Elimination of Skin Viral Infection
A male patient was diagnosed with a sub-dermal viral infection which caused a formation of what appeared to be two growths on both forearms. The growths were tested for malignancy, but were found to be benign. They were then excised, but they reformed quickly as small bumps that began to split. The patient was prescribed salicylic acid but it caused further skin irritation.

8 months after these new bumps formed, the patient went to see Dr. Tashiro who recommended three formulas created by Wei Laboratories to help break down the growths and clear the infection. The Gold patches to help break down the growths and infection, by activating the innate cell mediated immune processes, Sona, to help open up lymphatic clearing and enhance immune system, and Breez, to promote blood vessel clearing. After just one month of formulas, both locations of infection were eliminated.
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