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Jeffrey C Kalins, DC
New Concept Wellness Center
8501 Georgia Highway 85
River Dale, GA 30274 United States
Successful Treatment of Protruding Lumbar Disc
A female patient, age 26, came for treatment in 2009. She had been identified with a bulging (protruding) disc on the right side. The patient suffered from severe and constant pain (8 out of 10) radiating down her leg into the foot. It affected her ability to work (loading and unloading cargo for an airline) and sleep. She also reported a limited range of motion. Based on an MRI supplied by the MD she had been prescribed with three different medications (muscle relaxant, pain killer, and anti-inflammatory).

Dr. Kalins applied a combined treatment program. It consisted of spinal decompression and manipulation as well as supplements to support the disc repair and the ligament stability. 14 treatments were prescribed over a length of 8 weeks (about twice a week). Upon completion of the program preventative maintenance was established once a month. It includes physical exercises at home as well as educational training in proper biomechanics.

The results have been great. The patient has become pain-free. There is no radiating pain down the leg. Her range of motion has been fully restored. She is able to sleep well. No more medication is needed. She can handle a full workload without any problems.
Bussiness Hours: Mo+Tue+Thu+Fri: 8:45A-12P; 3P-6:30P; Sat: 8:45A-12P
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: payment plans available; all major insurances accepted
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