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William Davis, DC
Ennis Chiropractic Clininc & Wellness Center
109 Northwest Main St.
Ennis, TX 75119 United States
Successful Improvement in IPF Patient
A 62-year-old male presented in May 2018 looking for alternative treatment options after being diagnosed with IPF via CT scan in February 2018. His oxygen saturation was 93%. He was asymptomatic for the most part, coughed a total of maybe 10 minutes each day, felt short of breath with stairs, but had yet to experience any weight loss or fatigue. At that time he had been to three different Pulmonologists all who prescribed oral medication and told him they would continue to monitor the progression. His son started to look into alternative treatment options for IPF and came across Wei Laboratories. He elected to start Wei Laboratories chronic lung protocol: Soup A, Soup B, and LC Balancer. Soup A repairs lung damage and restores lung structure and function by activating tissue specific biosynthesis of cellular components in the alveoli (air sacs) and bronchioles. It also enhances the supply of amino acids, carbohydrates, and other co-factors necessary for lung tissue repair and reverse lung degeneration. Soup B removes nodules and stasis in the lungs and thyroid gland. It helps dissolve scarring and fibrotic tissue in the lungs and thyroid gland by accelerating the catabolic processes necessary in dissipating the nodules and scars. LC Balancer is used with the Soups to enhance systemic micro-circulation and provides stronger avenues for delivering nutrients to individual alveoli and bronchioles. It also helps to clear up mucus and inflammation in the bronchial tubes.

After 3 months of treatment the patient was doing well. His oxygen saturation was now up to 98-99% sometimes even 100%. His last chest X-ray 1-2 months ago showed no changes noting the solutions have successfully halted the progression of the disease. He no longer feels short of breath with stairs, is no longer coughing, and feels stronger overall. He has had some weight loss as a result of his increased physical activity. At this time the patient has elected to stop the products and see if results are sustained. He will continue to monitor his breathing and understands the importance of a maintenance dose if his oxygen saturation were to decrease.
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