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Chen-Ying  Huang, DAOM
Amazing Alternative Acupuncture
(360) 862-5115
2701 Bickford Avenue, Suite F
Snohomish, WA 98290 United States
Successful Symptom Reduction and Elimination of Inhaler Usage for COPD Patient
A physically active 64-year old female presented with COPD and Emphysema. A CT scan finding showed there were biapical pleural parenchymal scarring and mild destructive upper lobe. She was consistently dealing with shortness of breath, spasmodic coughing episodes, and suboccipital headaches resulting from coughing that interfered with her daily life. She had tried using an inhaler (Albuterol), steroidal breathing treatments and other supplements (B-complex, Vitamin C, Turmeric, Ox-Bile, Krill Oil, etc.) with little to no relief. She realized she needed to look for an alternative solution.

The patient went to see Dr. Huang for a consultation on January 18th. After examination, Dr. Huang suggested acupuncture and Wei Laboratories Soup A, Soup B, LC Balancer, and Jade. The wellness recommendation intended to help repair the lung structural damage, remove lung scars, facilitate new tissue growth and boost lung immunity to fight infections.

Before treatment, the patient experienced a 7/10 for shortness of breath, 10/10 for coughing, and 10/10 for headaches. After one month of treatment of the Wei formulas and three sessions of acupuncture, the shortness of breath was a 2/10, coughing was a 0/10, and headaches was a 0/10. On January 27th, just nine days after starting treatment, she discontinued using her inhaler.

Three months later, the patient was followed up on and the results have been sustained.
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