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Joseph Sevlie, DC
1626 W. 3rd St.
Redwing, MN 55066 United States
Improvement of COPD with Natural Products
A 67-year-old male presented with extreme shortness of breath that has hindered his quality of life and career. He had been an avid smoker for 50 years where he would smoke 1-2 packs/day. He was initially diagnosed with COPD in 2015 through multiple CT scans, where nodules were also found. After his diagnosis, he was put on Symbicort and Spiriva in hopes to manage his disease. In February of 2017 he had spirometry testing done at Hennepin County Medical Center that confirmed his diagnosis. His job requires heavy lifting, climbing ladders,and intense endurance. He noticed that he needed to stop and rest for minutes at a time to catch his breath upon exertion, and it had become increasingly difficult to carry certain materials required to do his job. He also mentioned he had moderate to severe chest tightness, and a sense of choking when trying to breathe at times. His wife also noticed that he was slowing down so, in the beginning of May 2017, he sought out a more natural route of healing from the Center for Natural Health Care & Sevlie Chiropractic.

Upon his first visit, Dr. Sevlie ran diagnostic tests to assess the progression of his COPD. The first was food sensitivity testing with a goal to identify specific foods that his body, in particular his airways, were reactive to contributing to his COPD. The second test was spirometry testing. His initial forced vital capacity (FVC) was 75%, and his interpretation showed a severe obstruction, with minimal levels of inspiration and expiration. His sitting oximetry testing (oxygen saturation levels of the blood) showed a mean of 89.2% and his sitting pulse rate was 81.9 bpm. He also performed a stress test where he walked at a normal pace back and forth down a hallway. During this test his average pulse was 103.6 bpm with an episode of tachycardia (greater than 120 bpm). Other tests included a omprehensive blood chemistry exam and Bioimpedance analysis to assess body composition. Dr. Sevlie started the patient on Wei Laboratories herbal formulas consisting of, Soup A, Soup B, and LC Balancer liquids all at full dose and a 4-day rotational diet plan. He also preformed chiropractic adjustments,acupuncture and myofascial release therapy to his thoracic cage to ease his chest tightness,allowing him to breathe more easily.

After 9 weeks of treatment with Wei Laboratories products, a comprehensive diet and necessary dietary supplements the patient experienced a significant improvement in his breathing. He noted he has much more endurance, his pulse rate lowered significantly with his work and daily activities, and his need to stop and rest while at work completely ceased to be an issue. His wife was also very excited to report that they were able to walk around the entire circumference of the lake near their home. He was able to keep up with her at a steady pace and did not need to stop and rest like he has in the past on this walk. The patient stuck to his diet and the dosing of the Wei products even while traveling, which he said was difficult at times, but he was excited about what this program had done for him.

Post spirometry testing also indicates this improvement. He went through a series of retesting at the end of July 2017. His FVC increased by 15% (from 75% to 90%) in just 9 weeks. His inspiration and expiration has also dramatically improved and his spirometry test results changed from severe to a more moderate obstruction (see test results above). His oximetry reading increased from 89.2% in May, to 92% on his retest. His resting pulse also dropped to 79.9 bpm from 81.9 bpm. During his stress test his average pulse was at 94.3 bpm (from 103.6 bpm in May) and had zero episodes of tachycardia. The patient and his wife are happy with the improved quality of life and the results from the first 9 weeks. He continued this program for a total of 4 months to see sustained results.

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