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John Filippini, DC
Abundant Life Chiropractic
919 San Ramon Valley Blvd., Ste. 255
Danville, CA 94526 United States
Successful treatment of Osteoarthritis, Bulging Disc and Bone-on-Bone Arthritis
An 80 year old female (retired teacher) presented with low back pain that radiated into her right hip, knee and leg. She presented the information regarding her low back with an MRI demonstrating Osteoarthritis and disc bulges. I put her on a three month treatment program of spinal decompression, Chiropractic adjustments (Arthrostim), along with large WHITEE Patches on the lower lumbar discs and LC Balancer- herbal treatment formulas from Wei Laboratories.

Her back pain was gone within the first month, but she continued to complain about her hip and knee. I questioned her further about any arthritis in either joint, and she remembered that they did do X-rays and found bone-on-bone arthritis in both. I therefore switched the placement of WHITEE patches to her hip and knee, and by the second month she was only experiencing occasional pain with the bad weather. By the end of the third month, she was completely out of pain, and only felt slight discomfort if it was going to rain.

The patient reported:

When I came in to see Dr. Filippini, I was in excruciating pain. I could not straighten up. I had to walk in a walker, and I was in a bad way. After 3 months of treatment, I can walk pain free...and without any medications. My life has improved a great bunch...I'm going to start baby sitting my great grand baby pretty quick.
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Phone Consulting: Yes
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