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John Filippini, DC
Abundant Life Chiropractic
919 San Ramon Valley Blvd., Ste. 255
Danville, CA 94526 United States
Comprehensive Knee Osteoarthritis Program Results in 28 patients
Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common joint disorder and a major cause of disability in the adult population. The pathophysiology of the disease is characterized by progressive loss of articular cartilage, cartilage calcification, osteophyte formation, subchondral bone remodeling, and mild to moderate inflammation of the synovial lining. Symptoms include joint pain, tenderness, stiffness, inflammation, and creaking of the joints. Conventional treatment is focused on pain reduction using NSAIDs, local injections of glucocorticoid or hyaluronan, and joint replacement surgery in severe cases such as bone-on-bone conditions.

Wei Laboratories program for osteoarthritis includes the WHITEE Patch which increases blood flow and lymphatic circulation and helps enhance the chondrocyte's ability to synthesize required collagen and proteoglycan to restore the damaged joint cartilage matrix, eliminate joint pain, and improve its functionality. It also helps reduce joint inflammation and matrix metalloproteinase activity to reverse joint degeneration. By converting the chondrocyte phenotype to its healthy state, the WHITEE Patch helps reverse the bone-on-bone conditions. The LC Balancer is also required to improve systemic microcirculation to achieve sustained results for severe and bone-on-bone condition or patients over 50.

A combined target approach utilizing the above herbal products and Dr. Filippini, D.C.s modalities such as Cold Laser, PEMF, BioCharger, ATM, Rebuilder, HakoMed, and Rife equipment. These modalities focus on improving circulation, promoting healing, and stimulation of stem cell growth. It was believed that a joint program would decrease treatment time and improve patient response rate (pain reduction, joint mobility, sustained results), thus improving total patient outcome.

Patient case results do align with the expected success rate of 90% stated for patch usage. It is important to note that cases showing no response have complicated factors such as ulcerative colitis in one patient and issues with multiple organ systems and infections such as parasites in the second patient. Both patients are undergoing more complex herbal protocols to address these underlying health issues and improve their response to the program. However, many patients who expressed that their pain level was at 0 also presented with other confounding conditions. In patients who saw less than a 50% pain improvement (using as 0-10 scale), there were more indications that patients were very active during their program as well as had some compliance issues.

The average age of patients who had less than a 50% improvement were 65 compared to 64.7 for those who saw a 50% or greater improvement. The average time for patients to see the improvement they described was about 14 visits for those seeing 50% or greater improvement as opposed to 13 visits for those seeing less than 50% improvement.

Table 1 Average pain level after 1 month utilizing Osteoarthritis program
Pain Level Percent of Patients (N=28)
Pain level at 0 43%
Less than 50% 25%
Greater than 50% 25%
Stayed the same 7%

Data on pain level of patients who have successfully completed 1 month of a comprehensive Knee Osteoarthritis program utilizing Wei Herbal products and additional modalities.

Patients who present with singular or bilateral Knee Osteoarthritis can expect a large degree of pain reduction in 13-14 visits through a knee program utilizing Wei Lab herbal products and additional modalities such as the BioCharger. As seen in a large cohort prospective study 92% of patients saw some degree of pain reduction, with 43% stating they were pain-free. Patients who did not respond as well as expected were often either less compliant, more active in their daily activities, or had underlying complications of a larger scope. The two patients who saw no pain improvement were known to have multiple complications. Both of these patients are currently working on addressing these underlying issues through more complex, individualized programs to address their entire well-being. This targeted approach will allow them to better absorb minerals and nutrients, allowing for improvement in their overall joint health.

Many of the patients surveyed had previously tried other approaches including surgery and stem cell therapy. This finding represents significant hope for patients who are looking for alternatives in their approach to healthcare. Currently, patients who opt in for knee replacement are at risk of being in the 20% of patients who still experience knee pain post knee replacement. This combined herbal and modality program has shown to reduce pain in 92% of the patients who started it, with further data needed as they continue their programs. This is promising for patients comparing options as an 8% risk of pain is preferable to a 20% risk of having pain. It would be the goal to continue to track patient outcomes and see if there is a decrease in pain for patients who have not yet finished their entire program. Regardless of the length of the program, it is evident that this targeted herbal, nutritional, and modality approach has hit the nail on the head and yielded patient results that speak for themselves. For the 2 patients whose pain stayed the same, Dr. Filippini, D.C. is applying further customized treatment using additional herbal formulas from Wei Laboratories.

1 - Beswick AD, Wylde V, Gooberman-Hill R, et al
What proportion of patients report long-term pain after total hip or knee replacement for osteoarthritis? A systematic review of prospective studies in unselected patients. BMJ Open 2012;2: e000435. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2011-000435
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Fees Schedule: Fees vary for conditions treated
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