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John Filippini, DC
Abundant Life Chiropractic
919 San Ramon Valley Blvd., Ste. 255
Danville, CA 94526 United States
Successful treatment of Gout and Stage III Chronic Kidney Disease
66 y.o. male patient presented to Dr. Filippini with Severe Gout (on crutches from the pain in his feet and ankles) and was in stage III Chronic Kidney Failure. The gout had been flaring up about every 2 weeks since 2014. The pain was so severe that he had to get prednisone injection every time it flared up. But his MD was concerned about giving him too much prednisone due to his Chronic Kidney Failure condition. His kidney function was at 31%. Initial lab work demonstrated uric acid level at 12.80, BUN at 36.00, Creatinine at 2.14 and his GFR at 31. Dr. Filippini worked with the patient for several months using Apex and Premier Research Lab products, along with an intensive detox program. He also utilized Rife technology and PEMF on his swollen joints. These only resulted in temporary relief, with him having to return to his MD for prednisone shots, which calmed his pain down temporarily. The treatment was only able to reduce his uric acid down to 10.5.

On Dec. 14, 2016, Dr. Filippini began working with Wei Lab protocol, applying Whitee patch, an external herbal product from Wei Lab, to the swollen joints, along with Wei Lab internal formulas LC Balancer and Xcel. Whitee Patch helps repair joint and cartilage damage by increasing local blood flow and microcirculation, and enhancing local nutrient supply and cellular activity. LC Balancer improves microcirculation and kidney function to increase nutrient absorption and delivery. Xcel helps improve kidney function to help secrete the uric acid. After the treatment the gout inflammation went down, but switched to another joint. The Whitee patches were discontinued. After one month of continued treatment, not much change was noted. Dr. Filippini then added Wei Lab formulas KS, and Brown at 1/2 dose. KS helps clear inflammation and infection of the kidneys. Brown helps improve liver function. These were added on 1/12/17. By 1/25/17, the patient reported that his symptoms had resided, but he was still skeptical, because his bouts of inflammation would generally calm down for a few days, and then returned. It turned out that the patient only had a mild flare-up about a week later, the pain was not severe so that he did not require a prednisone shot. The flare-up calmed down after a few days, and had stayed in remission to the date this article was written (Apr 3, 2017).

Follow up lab work was repeated on 3/30/17, and his GFR had increased from 31 to 39 (normal range 90-120); his Creatinine had decreased from 2.14 to 1.77 mg/dL (normal range 0.6-1.2 mg/dL in adult males), his BUN had decreased from 36 to 19 mg/dL (normal range 7-20 mg/dL), and his uric acid had decreased from the beginning 12.8 to 8.6 mg/dL (normal range 2.4-6.0 mg/dL).

For the first time, the patient has hope, and is continuing on with his care in order to fully restore his kidney function and permanently reverse his Gout.
Bussiness Hours: M,T,W,TH 9:00 am - 5:30 pm
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: Fees vary for conditions treated
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