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Alexandra Bouharevich, DC
Jointcare Chiropractic
(647) 523-4812
15191 Yonge Street
Aurora,  ON L4G 1L8 Canada
Successful Resolution of Bulging Discs
A 52-year-old female presented with pain in her low back with a rating of 10/10. In April of 2017, she went in for an MRI and was diagnosed with bulging discs at L5-S1 and L2-L3. The patient tried decompression therapy, physical therapy, and chiropractic adjustments, all of which made her pain worse. She even tried taking anti-inflammatories and Percocet, which did nothing to manage her symptoms, just made her physically ill. It got to the point where she could not stand for longer than 60 seconds without needing to lie down, which ultimately lead to her taking a break from work.

She began researching ways to help her pain naturally, and came across Wei Laboratories. She talked to her practitioner, Dr. Bouharevich, about overseeing her treatment. Mid May, the patient started using 6 WHITEE Patches and LC Balancer at full dose for one full month. The first week helped immensely with her pain, the second week her pain got much worse due to the patches healing mechanism of regaining sensation in the nerves that were previously not responding from the injury.

After one month, she noticed her pain had been managed quite well and was slowly getting better each day. After completing her 2nd month with the products, she noted having a complete resolution of her pain. She continued with one extra month for sustained results. She was very happy with the outcome and reported that she was able to go back to work, exercise regularly, and do her daily life activities.
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Phone Consulting: No
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