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Brooke Heather, ND
Connection 2 Health Holistic Clinic
(208) 231-7149
231 N 3rd Ave, Ste. 103
Sandpoint, ID 83864 United States
Reduced Dependence on Oxygen and Inhalers While Also Eliminating Kidney Disease Risk

As of September 2018, an 81-year-old female patient had been dealing with Bronchiectasis for several years as well as 20+ years of acid reflux and IBS. Patient was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis in 2014 and put on 2 Liters of oxygen. Through her medical evaluations, tests showed that she also was in stage 3 kidney disease. Her most debilitating symptoms included shortness of breath, coughing, and lots of mucus production. She reached out to the Wei Lung Institute and consulted with Naturopath Dr. Brooke Heather for a natural solution. In May, Dr. Heather suggested the patient begin Soup A to help repair lung damage and restore lung structure and function, Soup B to help dissolve scarring and fibrotic tissue in the lungs, and LC Balancer to help clear up mucus and inflammation in the bronchial tubes. Together, these three products increased her mucus and post nasal drip, so she was recommended to temporarily switch to ClearLung to remove any inflammation and pro-inflammatory cytokines, Jade to boost lung immunity and fight lung infections, and NewBase to help with her post-nasal drip and excessive phlegm. After one month, the patient was already feeling much more energetic, noticed that she was not sitting around as much, and was able to get up right away in the morning to do her daily activities, which she had not been able to do previously. The patient continued with the protocol for another month and became less dependent on her oxygen, even at times going most of the day without it. In September, Dr. Heather recommended that the patient add in KS for a month to help with any inflammation and infection in the kidneys. The patient continued taking Soup A and LC Balancer, and in October she has reduced her inhaler usage from 4 times per day to 1 time per day. In a very short time following Brooke's protocol, the kidneys went from low risk to the most recent test results showing no risk of kidney disease. She feels encouraged that even in her 80's she has healed to this degree. She is more active without needing to stop and rest and no longer needs oxygen at night.

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