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Brooke Heather, ND
Connection 2 Health Holistic Clinic
(208) 231-7149
231 N 3rd Ave, Ste. 103
Sandpoint, ID 83864 United States
Relief of Full-Body Rash from Candidemia
A 75-year-old female presented with a full-body, itchy, hot, red rash that had been manifesting for months. The patient thought it could be due to bug bites because it was during summer, but the rashes never went away. Due to the intense inflammation, she had difficulty sleeping with covers on and she also avoided wearing long sleeve shirts that irritated her skin. It got to a point where she could not sleep or eat without feeling miserable. She was fatigued and lethargic about doing any activities. The patient rated her level of discomfort at a 12/10. In late August of 2017, she went to see Dr. Jensen in hopes of finding a natural remedy to alleviate her itchy rash and find relief for her discomfort.

The patient started taking Wei Laboratories formula, Bitter, at full dose, to address her histamine response and cool her blood. After one week, the patient noticed that the redness of the rash and the itchiness had decreased. But, after the 3rd week, she noticed that her improvement had plateaued. She went to see Dr. Jensen again to discuss this concern. The patient mentioned that she noticed the severity of the rash increased upon eating certain foods. Dr. Jensen diagnosed her with a systemic candida infection, with most sensitivities coming from foods with sugar, vinegar, and carbohydrates. When she ate those foods, she would feel inflammation in her throat and immediately break out into an itchy rash and it would not go away. On September 14th, 2017, Dr. Jensen put the patient on the full chronic infection protocol from Wei Laboratories consisting of Bitter, Brown, LC Balancer, and Qi Booster at full dose. The protocol assisted in supporting the liver and kidney function to help eliminate the endotoxins and mycotoxins due to the candida overgrowth while supporting the immune system to fight the infection. Dr. Jensen also implemented a strict diet plan that cut out carbs and certain meats, like chicken, that she had adverse responses to.

By October 6th,2017, the patient noted that she was able to wear a long sleeve shirt and sleep with the covers on again. She did mention that she felt bouts of nausea and stomach discomfort while on the products as well as developing a vaginal candida infection. Dr. Jensen discovered the patient had many preexisting issues with her digestion and had been previously diagnosed with acid reflux, so she recommended using some digestive products from Wei Laboratories to address those symptoms and help with her food sensitivities. The patient started taking a full dose of Spring Juice, Spring Capsule, Formula B, and Probiosis to restore stomach acidity, repair the GI lining, and reduce GI inflammation. Sissy-F was also recommended to address the vaginal candida. After 3 weeks the patient reported that her vaginal candida infection had cleared up and noticed a decrease in her acid reflux symptoms.

In February of 2018, after taking a break from the products, she noticed that her symptoms of the rash had returned from eating certain foods after the holiday season. Dr. Jensen recommended the use of LC Balancer and Java at full dose, to help with her lymphatic circulation and kidney function to aid in toxin removal, along with Plasmin at full dose to remove the candida from the blood.

After 4 weeks of using Java, LC Balancer, and Plasmin, and following a strict diet, the patient reported feeling drastically better. She noted before treatment when she would eat certain foods that she reacted poorly to, her body would break out immediately and the rash would not go away. Now, when she ate the same foods, if she had a response at all, it would happen much later and would clear up after a couple hours. She also mentioned that she feels her energy has increased dramatically, and she is able to get all her tasks done without feeling lethargic or fatigued. When asked to rate where she was on a scale of 1-10 for her discomfort now, she rated it at a 2. The patient was extremely happy with her results and is continuing to follow a diet plan and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
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