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Terry/Kerry Haydel, DC
Haydel and Haydel Chiropractic
22344 Hawthorne Blvd.
Torrence, CA 90505 United States
Successful Improvement of A-Fib, Low Back and Knee Pain, and Brittle Nails
A 79-year-old woman was previously diagnosed by her cardiologist with A-Fib, 2 Leaky Valves caused by a virus from a year and a half ago verified by an EKG, arthritis in her low back area, and knee pain and tenderness. The patient was experiencing shortness of breath and pain in her legs from arthritis/edema along with brittle nails that would either grow slowly or not grow at all. The patient has been receiving Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP) treatment to relieve angina. However, the EECP has caused her back to hurt more and therefore she was seeking alternative treatment.

The Doctor recommended a 5-month protocol consisting of 2/3 dosage of Myogen, B2, Qi Booster, and CV to restore the structure of the heart and function to normal and heal the leaky valves (4 bottles of each). 18 Large WHITEE Patches were recommended (6 Patches for each of the patients knees and low back) along with LC Balancer to heal her low back pain and knee tenderness. Half dosage of Java and Xcel was also recommended to reduce the edema. After 3 months of treatment the patient reported that she could tell the herbs were making progress as her lower back pain was completely gone, her A-Fib symptoms, including getting out of breath and swelling, were reduced, and her knees were feeling better. The patient told Dr. Haydel that she still had some pain when she tried to stand up though.

Since the patient has had pneumonia caused by mycobacterial infection in the past, Dr. Haydel suspected that other systems in the body may also be affected and believed that there was an infection that was causing her progress to plateau. So, after another month of treatment Dr. Haydel recommended that the patient try some of the muscular mycobacterial infection products. He believed this would be the best route to take. The products included Flex, Fibro, Plum and Lotus to address the muscular infection. The patient also reported an increase in energy levels and less cardio related problems at the time of review. In addition to the muscular infection products, the patient used to drink a lot so the liver needed to be addressed and Brown-Plus was added. The Doctor believed that the brittle/ non-growing finger nails were the result of a liver deficiency. The patient used one bottle of Brown-Plus at 1/3 dose and now after the Brown-Plus, the nails are growing nicely, are not brittle, and no longer break easily. The patient is still seeing Dr. Haydel and is now on Ostenin and Martial which target joint mycobacteria to further address the minimal remaining knee pain.
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