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Rande Freedman, Functional Medicine Nutritionist
Too Your Health
(310) 318-1356
609 Meyer Ln. Unit 19
Redondo Beach, CA 90278 United States
Fast Improvement from Eczema
An 18 y.o. male patient had Eczema with red marks on his face, head, and arm. He also had food allergies. He had been to seven dermatologists for eczema but did not see any positive results. He came to Rande, who gave him natural herbal formulas LC Balancer, Brown and Qi Booster from Wei Laboratories, Inc. Brown and LC Balancer strengthen the liver, while Qi Booster enhances the immune system. After taking the formulas his food allergy symptoms improved. Rande further added Bitter from Wei Laboratories, Inc, which helps cool down the blood and reduce inflammation but did not see much result on his skin condition. Rande then prescribed Dermaticin A and Dermaticin B from Wei Laboratories, Inc. Dermaticin A and Dermaticin B help clear infections on the skin. Dermaticin A is an oral herbal formula, while Dermaticin B is a natural herbal cream applied on the infected skin area. After 3 days of using Dermaticin A and Dermaticin B, his Mom called back and reported that she noticed an 85% improvement. She said the red marks on his face which had been very bright after he came out of the shower before the treatment, had diminished and could be barely seen anymore, and the red marks on his head and arm were more localized. They are happy about the treatment result.
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