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Richard Vail, DC, ND
Clayton Family Chiropractic
55 Chechero Street
Clayton, GA 30525  United States
Successful Resolution of Shingles (Herpes Zoster)
A female patient in her late 60s came for treatment in spring 2011. She had suffered from shingles for about 5 years. The patient reported substantial pain (6 to 7 out of 10) in her right shoulder and breast (went down to her right arm). The symptoms represented a re-occurring case after a severe occurrence 5 years ago. The MD had prescribed some drugs which had not generated relief. The patient showed skin breakouts produced along the nerve route. The disease is caused by the same virus which produces chicken pocs. It is most common after the age of 50.

A combined treatment program composed of frequency specific micro current as well as natural herbs, homeopathic remedies and supplements (mainly vitamins) was prescribed for a total of 3 weeks (3 sessions during first week, 2 sessions along the second week and once a week to conclude). The specific micro current device was used to tune in to the critical pair of frequencies (frequency of tissue as well as virus) driving the symptoms. The response time of the patient depends on the age as well as the strength of the immune system.

The outcome was great. The patient reported pain relief from 6 to 7 down to 3 to 4 after the first treatment (over night). After the second session the pain level had dropped to 1. Upon completing the program, the pain had been completely removed and the additional symptoms (e.g. skin) had disappeared. The results have been sustained ever since.
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