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Melissa Osmun, Parkinsons Disease/LAc
Bethesda Wellness Center
(303) 748-7971
2020 Wadsworth Blvd. Suite 14B
Lakewood, CO 80214 United States
Successful Lower Back Pain Treatment
A 53-year-old female came to the clinic presenting with moderate to severe lower back pain. She was unable to stand upright or enjoy her normal activities of daily living which had included walking and gardening. She had been diagnosed by her physician with a bulging disc between L4 and L5 and was given an injection which did not stop the pain.

After an initial evaluation from Melissa Osmun, L.Ac., a treatment plan was devised including both acupuncture and the topical application of herbs in the form of Whitee patches. The patient came in for treatment twice a week for the first three weeks. The pain was reduced by half. She was treated once a week for an additional five weeks. During that time, she was able to resume walking and gardening. She continues to come in each month for a tune-up treatment and for general health and wellness. She is very pleased with the results of her treatment.

Bussiness Hours: M-F 10 7 p.m.
Phone Consulting: No
Fees Schedule: Initial Visit $90, Follow up Treatment $65
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