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Sherie Viencek, DC
Dr. V of VitalHealth
318 Maciel Avenue
Roseville, CA 95678 United States
Successful Treatment of Ulcerative Colitis, Candida, Fungal Infection and Neurological Disorders
A 70 y.o. female patient visited Dr. Vincek. She had multiple health problems. Had a major operation many years ago and developed Ulcerative Colitis after the surgery with symptoms of chronic diarrhea. The colitis aches were caused by adhesions from the operation. Dr. Vincek recommended Wei Lab Java formula. After using 3 bottles of Java, her diarrhea stopped. Patient does not seem to be running to the bathroom anymore.

However, she still had feelings of nausea, heart palpitation, and pain in the pancreas that comes and goes. She also had eczema and skin itchiness, vaginitis, dermatitis and her scalp is very smelly, which may be caused by mold and fungal infections. Dr. Vincek believed the patient may have had a systemic fungal infection and her GI symptoms may have been caused by candida. Dr. Vincek recommended Brown, Qi Booster, Bitter and LC Balancer for the systemic candida. After using 2 bottles of each product, her skin fungal infection in her scalp was cleared up and it is no longer smelly. Her digestive tract symptoms also went away. The patients kept rotating between the Java and Brown. After an additional 3 more months of treatment, her colon problem did not bother her.

Patient also had breathing problems and an X-ray shows that she had lung scaring. Dr. Vincek then recommended Soup A for her lung condition. After using 2 bottles of Soup A, she did not experience any breathing problem.

Patient was still having trouble with numbness in her feet. When she walks, she has choppiness and numbness in the feet. Her walking seemed staggered and she had balance problems. She also had mood problems and feelings of anxiety and depression. She went to a heart specialist who thought it was due to neurological problems. The toxins from her candida and fungal infections overloaded her liver and affected her brain. Her spinal cord in her neck had inflammation which goes up into the brain. The cardiologist said she probably should see a neurologist. Dr. Vincek recommended Platinum, Hepavin, Brown and LC Balancer for her neurological issues. After finishing 1 bottle of each product, the patient reported that the treatment helped a lot with her balance. The numbness and staggered walking went away. She no longer had feelings of anxiety and depression. Also, the Hepavin improved her self-control and mood stability.

Dr. Vincek also recommended Vitalife. Patient reported that the VitaLife really helped her energy. She felt great after using it.

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