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Earl Moore, DC
Moore's Chiropractic Health Clinic
502 S. Ferdon Blvd. #B
Crestview, FL 32536 United States
Successful Treatment of Rotator Cuff Syndrome
A female patient, 53 years old, came for treatment in 2009. She is a hairstylist and had been diagnosed with the rotator cuff syndrome in her right shoulder. She experienced significant pain (8 out of 10). Her range of motion had been restricted. She worked with impairment.

A combined treatment program was applied for a total of 3 weeks. It was composed of ultrasound, chiropractic work (for increase in range of motion) as well as herbal remedies (6 WHITEE patches) and physical therapy. Upon completion of the treatment the patient continued with preventative maintenance once every other week.

The results have been great. A significant pain reduction had been achieved after the first week. Upon finishing the treatment program, the pain had been eliminated and the range of motion restored. The patient has been very happy with the outcome. The results have been sustained ever since.

Bussiness Hours: Mo thru Thu: 8AM to 6PM (lunch: 12PM to 2PM) Fri: 8AM to 3PM
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: depending on treatment plan and insurance policy
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