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Michael  Akerson, DC/CSCS
Sports And Family Care Clinic
16515 S. 40th St., #133
Phoenix, AZ 85048 United States
Successful Treatment of Acne
30 y. o. female patient suffered from acne. The main problem of the patient has been a hormonal imbalance. She stopped taking birth control pills 6 months ago. Ever since then her skin went crazy. The patient knew it was hormonally related and has seen a Dermatologist. She bought everything you can think of and spent so much money on the newest thing without any improvement. Dr. Akerson recommended that she to try the Acne Cream from Wei Lab. The results are amazing! Patient saw herself totally different before finishing one bottle of the products and only been using it at nighttime. She is extremely happy and will refer her sister who has the same problem.
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Phone Consulting: No
Fees Schedule: Call for Information
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