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Ross  Douglass, LAc
20317 Hwy 82
Basalt, CO 81621 United States
Successful Treatment of Frequent Urination from an Enlarged Prostate
A 65 year old male patient had been suffering from urination issues for the past 10 years. Ten years ago, he developed prostatitis with inflammation which was so severe that the enlarged prostate protruded the bladder causing bladder dysfunction. During the past 10 years, he has been using other herbal treatments to control the prostate inflammation with good results such as a normal PSA level. However, he still had a boggy feeling in the prostate area and had severe urination issues. Every night he needed to get up over 10 times. Dr. Douglas recommended an herbal treatment with products from Wei Laboratories including Prostate Formula (1/4 cup) in the morning to clean the residual heat in the prostate, LC Balancer to enhance microcirculation, KS to clear kidney inflammation, and Xcel to help the kidney filter the toxins in the afternoon.

Right after he started the treatment, he stopped his other herbal treatments. The first day, he felt extremely energetic and connected, but he then started feeling worse in the next few days. After reviewing his treatment, it was discovered that he only took the Prostate Formula. After recommending to add back the LC Balancer, KS, and Xcel in the afternoon, he reported feeling much better, and his urination issue was also improving. One week later, he felt restless and complained of low energy which could not be resolved by taking lots of water. After reviewing the treatment, it was found that he did not add Xcel in the afternoon. It was advised to take 2 capsules of Xcel, and he reported that his discomfort went away completely 3 hours later. However, he still had problems with residual urination retention and difficulty emptying his bladder completely. Therefore, the BI Formula was added to help remove the bladder heat and resolve his bladder issue. On the 2nd week, the treatment regimen was revised into taking the Prostate (1/4 cup) in the morning, LCB (2-3 capsule), KS (1 capsule), and BI (1 capsule) in the morning and afternoon, and Xcel (2 capsules) only in the afternoon with a lot of water. During the 2nd week of treatment, the patient reported a significant reduction in the boggy feeling.

After finishing the 2 weeks of treatment, his boggy feeling had shown great improvement with a reduction in frequency of waking up during the night to 2-3 times. During the 4th week of treatment, there were two days he felt very depressed, had a hard time falling asleep, urinated 4-5 times in the middle of the night, and felt restless during the night. It is thought that such a response might be due to the damp from the prostate contaminating other parts of the body. Following these two days of discomfort, however, he felt so much better and even younger.

After one month of treatment, his energy was much better, his bowels were smoother, and he experienced less constipation. The Prostate improved by 40-50% with a decrease in boggy feeling, an improvement in urine stream, and completion of bladder emptying. The addition of BI had helped his bladder trabeculation a lot.

On the 2nd month of treatment, the dosage was further adjusted to Prostate (1/4 cup) in the morning, Xcel (1-3 caps) in the afternoon, LC Balancer (2-3 caps, 2-3 times a day), and KS and BI (1 cap, 2-3 times a day). After finishing the 2nd month of treatment, he felt much better and had more energy and better bowel movements. He urinated once on some nights and 2 to 3 times on other nights. He stopped BI. At the end of 2nd month, he improved 55-60% with a further decrease in the boggy feeling in the prostate area.

On the 3rd month, the dosage of the Prostate Formula was increased from 1/4 cup to 3/8 cup, and 1 more capsule of BI, KS, and Xcel was added in order to speed up improvement. After one week, he developed insomnia, rapid heartbeat, chest pain, a feeling of being overwhelmed, body heaviness, bloated stomach, and Qi stagnation. It was recommended to stop the treatment for a week or so to let the body clear the toxins. 5 days later, most of his discomfort was gone, however, the body heaviness and bloating and gas in the GI still persisted. The treatment resumed with the original half dose of the Prostate Formula and the other products at the original dosage. Formula B was added at 1 capsule twice a day to address the body heaviness and bloating and gas in the GI. Formula B worked very well. After taking 2 capsules on the 1st day and 1 capsule on the next day, all heaviness, bloating, and gas cleared up.

The patient continued the treatment for an additional 3 months, and at the end of his 6 month treatment, his boggy feeling was completely gone, and he could sleep through the night. He is very satisfied with the treatment results.
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