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Successful treatment of Kidney Failure
A female patient, 77 years of age, came to Dr. Schroter suffering from Stage 3 kidney disease. She was constantly fatigued and felt weak all over. Her kidney complications were starting to affect other areas of her life and she noticed her health declining quickly. Before beginning treatment her blood tests indicated that she was anemic as well. Her blood glucose was higher than average at 103 mg/dL and her HbA1c was at 7.6%. Her serum creatinine was at 1.22 indicating kidney damage. With a GFR rate of 43 and BUN of 23 mg/dL it was apparent that her kidney waste filtration was failing.

Dr. Schorter recommended a treatment regimen consisting of LC Balancer to strengthen the kidney and increase microcirculation, the KS formula to reduce heat and inflammation in the kidneys, Formula C to restore the integrity of the connective tissue networks within the kidney, and Xcel to support kidney function and filtration. For the first month of treatment the patient used 4 bottles of LC Balancer, 3 bottles of KS formula, 3 bottles of Formula C, and 3 bottles of Xcel. After her first month of treatment, the patient reported that she felt so much better. She noticed she had more energy and less irritation, however, she still had urinary discomfort and suffered fatigue due to her anemic state. Dr. Schroter recommended adding the BI formula to address inflammation and heat in the bladder which had been contributing to her urinary problems as well as the Anemic formula to improve the quality of her blood. In her second month of treatment the patient used 4 bottles of LC Balancer, 3 bottles of KS formula, 3 bottles of BI formula, 3 bottles of Xcel, and 2 bottles of the Anemic formula. After two months of treatment the patient happily reported that she had less frequency of urination at night, felt healthier overall and that she was gaining strength. She was still experiencing muscle cramps but overall her symptoms had improved by 60%. She no longer tested anemic.

For her third month of treatment, Dr. Schroter tailored her treatment to her recent improvement. She no longer needed the anemic formula but instead he recommended the Renogen to dissolve kidney scars by removing blood stasis. In her third month of treatment the patient used 4 bottles of LC Balancer, 3 bottles of KS formula, 3 bottles of BI formula, 3 bottles of Formula C, and 3 bottles of Renogen. After her most recent blood test, her levels demonstrate a great improvement. Her blood glucose has lowered to 80 mg/dL. Her serum creatinine has also decreased from 1.22 to 1.0 and her BUN has decreased from 23 to 22 mg/dL. Lastly, her GFR has increased from 43 to 54. The patient is ecstatic with her improvement so far and is continuing treatment in order to see further results.
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