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Bob Heron, DC
9383 Outerbanks Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89149 United States
Successful Treatment of Hepatitis C and High Blood Sugar
A male patient contracted Hepatitis C from his former hardcore drug addiction in his earlier years. His AST/ ALT ratio was very high indicating liver toxicity. He was also concurrently diagnosed with diabetes where his blood sugar was up to 700 mg/dL. At this point, his adrenals started to shut down and he was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. Dr. Heron recommended a protocol consisting of Brown Juice to nurture the liver, LC Balancer to increase microcirculation and support the kidney, and Xcel to address kidney function and filtration. The patient followed the treatment protocol for 9 months and re-evaluated his blood levels. He noticed that his numbers were in a much healthier range and ever since the herbal treatment his AST/ALT ratio and blood sugar levels have been lowering. Through supporting the kidneys and liver the patient has also lost almost 60 pounds and is happy to report that he no longer has a big belly!
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Phone Consulting: No
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