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Josephine Owen, ND
Total Health Center
3754 Brevard Rd.
Horse Shoe, NC 28742 United States
Successful Treatment of Parasites, Headaches, and PTSD
A 50+ female went to Dr. Owen with arm pain, fatigue, headaches, and PTSD. The patient also complained of watery, itchy eyes and itchy scalp. After further tests, Dr. Owen discovered that the arm pain was due to a parasite infection and recommended Paramin and Probiosis from Wei Labs to treat the parasites. The use of Paramin clears the parasites from the biliary and bile duct and helps remove biliary and bile duct heat or inflammation due to the parasite infection. The use of Probiosis helps clear parasites, pathogenic bacteria, fungi, or virus in the gut and removes heat or inflammation from the GI tract. After 3-4 weeks of the parasite treatment, the patient stated that she was feeling much better, but she still had headaches and an itchy scalp. Dr. Owen then recommended liver treatment from Wei Labs consisting of Brown, LC Balancer, and Cirrhonin for 2 weeks. The use of Brown helps improve liver structure and function to restore liver health, the use of LC Balancer enhances microcirculation, and the use of Cirrhonin helps break up fibrotic tissue that causes hardening of the liver. After 2 weeks of treatment, the patient stated that her headaches improved tremendously. The patient then told Dr. Owen that she was under a lot of stress and had suffered from severe trauma over the years. Dr. Owen recommended 4 weeks of Shengen which helps patients with PTSD by restoring the Default Mode Network (DMN) connections which is disrupted in patients with PTSD. After using Shengen for 4 weeks, the patient reported that she felt more balanced and was able to handle stressful situations better. The patient stated that her headaches have decreased dramatically, and she feels like she has the most perfect health she has ever had in her life!
Bussiness Hours: Call for information
Phone Consulting: No
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