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Josephine Owen, ND
Total Health Center
3754 Brevard Rd.
Horse Shoe, NC 28742 United States
Successful Treatment of Leaky Gut and Chronic Headaches
A female patient pursued treatment with Dr. Owen for her leaky gut syndrome as well as chronic headaches and emotional issues. Dr. Owen first recommended a treatment regimen starting with the GI to resolve the leaky gut and then finishing up with the liver to resolve the headaches and emotional issues. The patient took Spring Capsules to promote blood flow to the stomach, Spring Juice to repair tissue damage, Pearl capsules to strengthen the structural integrity of the intestinal lining and Formula B to promote intestinal contractions.

After three weeks of the GI treatment, the patient had already made significant improvement. Her headaches were reduced by 75% and she felt much more energetic with fewer bouts of weakness, tiredness or fatigue. Her stomach no longer burned, she experienced less gas and bloating, and her bowel movements greatly improved. Dr. Owen recommended moving on to the liver treatment to see further improvement with the headaches.

The patient followed a regimen of Brown Juice to nurture and strengthen the function of the liver as well as the LC Balancer to support kidney function and enhance microcirculation. After 3 weeks of liver treatment the patient had sustained improvement with her gut but was still experiencing headaches. Additionally, she had noticed pain near her gall bladder and puffiness under the eyes. Dr. Owen recommended a protocol to address liver heat toxin which could be contributing to the headaches, gall bladder support and kidney treatment to resolve both the gall bladder issues and the puffiness.

The patient followed a regimen of Levera, a stronger liver formula, to resolve the headaches along with the Brown Juice as general liver support, Paramin to address bile duct inflammation, and Xcel capsules to address kidney deficiencies as well as KS Formula to remove any residual heat in the kidney.

After three weeks following this product regimen the patient reported she was feeling so much better! She has no more bloating, her bowels had normalized, her liver tested great, and her headaches had finally been greatly reduced!
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